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This is a new feature on Level Up TV Series Wiki. Please note that the feature is likely to change as it adapts to the community.

The Featured Editor (alternatively known as the User of the Month or Editor of the Month) is a way for the LUW community to showcase the hard work, dedication and accomplishments of its most devoted editors. The title of Featured Editor is a prestigious achievement for only the most deserving editors who have enriched Level Up TV Series Wiki in countless ways.

To see a list of past Featured Editors, please go here.

Featured User SelectionEdit


All persons nominated as Featured Editors (nominees) must:

  • Be currently active participants
  • Not be currently blocked from the wiki, or have had a block from the wiki within a certain time:
    • For users that have received blocks, they will be ineligible to receive Featured Editor status until a time equal to twice the length of their block has passed. For example, a user blocked for one week would be ineligible for two weeks after the expiration of their block.
  • Have at least 50 edits to the wiki.
  • Not have been a Featured Editor for at least a six (6) month period prior to nomination.


  • Users meeting the requirements above may be nominated at any time by another user.
  • Users cannot nominate themselves for Featured Editor, and they cannot ask or encourage another user to make a nomination on their behalf.
  • Each user can only nominate one user at a time. However, each user can vote for as many nominees as they would like.
  • A nominated user will remain on the list of nominees until they either become ineligible, or are selected as a Featured Editor.
  • For purposes of counting, a nomination of a user is considered a vote for that user.

Nominating and Voting GuidelinesEdit

  1. Only registered users can nominate or vote for other users.
  2. Under the "Nominations and Votes" Section, place the name of the user you wish to nominate inside double brackets, in between three equals signs as follows: ===[[User:User Name|User Name]]===. Under the user's name, add a bullet point with a brief statement, such as "I nominate <user>," followed by your signature. If the user you wish to vote for has already been nominated, proceed to step 3.
  3. Do not follow this step if you are the person nominating another user - follow the directions in step 2 instead. Place #--~~~~ underneath the nominated user's name. The code will automatically convert into your user name and the time of your vote. You must sign your name - unsigned votes will be deleted. Comments can be placed between "#" and "--~~~~".
  4. Do NOT vote for the same user more than once. Each bullet (#) counts as a vote.
  5. Only votes of support are allowed; do not place opposition (negative) votes or otherwise try to persuade others not to vote for a particular nominee.
  6. Please add new nominations to the BOTTOM of the list.

Nominations and VotesEdit

Place your nominations below this line.